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Because Niijii Radio is a member supported, Community-based public radio service , your member contribution is a vital part of bringing news and music to your community.

Monies received from your membership is considered a charitable contribution to KKWE Niijii Radio. Donations will be used for the daily operation expenses associated with running a non-commercial educational radio station.

Reflections on the Medicine Wheel:

Yellow is in the East where the sun rises, representing new beginnings, springtime and the life stage is  that of a baby.
Red is in the South, the sun is high, the season is summer, the stage of life is that of a youth.
Black is the West, the sun is setting, the season is fall, the life stage is that of an adult.
White is the North, night time has fallen, the season is winter, the life stage is that of an elder, representing wisdom and mindfulness.