Members Matter:

Because we are a member-supported, community-based public radio service, your member contributions a vital part of bringing news and music to our community.

A donation of any amount is appreciated and supports the work we do!


  • 5 dollars a month membership or a one time donation of 60 dollars – Gift of Niijii Radio Sticker
  • 10 dollars a month membership or a one time donation of 120 dollars – Gift of Niijii Radio Sticker and Coffee Mug
  • 20 to 49.99 dollars a month or 240 to 599.88 dollars one time donation receive a Niijii Radio Sticker, Coffee Mug, and a Niijii Radio Beanie
  • 50 dollars a month and greater or one time donation of 600 dollars receive a ALL of the ABOVE plus a NIIJII RADIO Hoodie!

If your Organization or Business would like to Sponsor KKWE, please call Maggie at

218-375-2012 for more information!

Niijii Radio Members also receive :

In addition to our great Niijii gear members will receive an Invitation to our Open House in the summer of 2021 with the opportunity to record a station I.D. and let our listeners know why you listen.

Chi Miigwech for your Donation to KKWE Niijii Broadcasting!

 Monies received from your membership is considered a charitable contribution to KKWE Niijii Radio, owned and operated by White Earth Land Recovery Project.

Donations will be used for the daily operation expenses associated with running a
non-commercial education radio station.