Cost of Operating a Non-Commercial Public Radio Station – KKWE Niijii Radio

Radio Expenses:

Memberships, Dues and Subscriptions:

  • One year of Pacifica programming which includes Democracy now and Sprouts is 1500.00
  • One year of Native Voice One programming which included Native America Calling and National Native News is 3500.00
  • One year of use of the Public Radio Exchange to get programming is 2250.00
  • Association of Minnesota Public Educations Radio Stations membership is  6,500.00

Facilities and Maintenance

  • One year of maintenance contract with our broadcast engineer is 8280.00
  • One year of tower rental is 36,000.00
  • One year of studio and office rent is 12000.00
  • One year of general maintenance is 1,560.00

Accounting and Legal Fees

  • Annual CPB Audit is 7500.00
  • Legal Fees 6,000.00


  • One year of phone and internet 5,500.00
  • One year of electricity at the tower is 30,000.00

General Operating Costs

  • One year of Fundraising expenses is 10,000.00
  • One year of other general operating expenses (insurances, work comp, postage and mailings, printing and copying, supplies, etc.)          30,000.00
  • Automobile expenses (insurance, license) 3500.00

Employees and employee incentives

  • Travel, employee training and support, mileage is 16500.00
  • One year of payroll expenses is 128,000.00

Total expenses annually – 308,590 / 365 days in a year – Daily radio expenses = 845.45