About Us

drumSince 2008, Niijii Radio KKWE 89.9FM, has been broadcasting independent media to our community, growing in capacity and strength each year. We are one of four native Anishinaabe community radio stations in our region, but we are unique in that we are the only one independent of tribal government and control. This was a conscious choice, so that the people in the Anishinaabe community understand that we are truly independent, and therefore also able to highlight tribal concerns and issues on our reservation. As an independent community radio station, we have a large potential to nurture critical thinking- a vital asset to our community to be strong in how we build or future, Always considering at least the next seven generations. Through our work we contribute and participate in building a vital civil society, highlighting environmental, economic and social challenges we face, while also sharing the great work of our community's engaged on to challenge the obstacles.

Our pioneering radio show first aired November 11th 2011, at the time we operated with a minimal dedicated staff who worked tirelessly to guarantee around the clock broadcasting. We hit a hurdle in 2012 which led to temporary closure due to an antenna being damaged during a major electrical storm. We again had a temporary issue in 2014 with another electrical storm however we continued to broadcast learning from previous lessons. Currently we employ four full time radio staff and collaborate with our tribal youth employment program to employ two youth through the summer and one through the school year.

Media is power, and we endeavor to use this power responsibly for our community to facilitate perspective transformation, of our listeners, to realize  our vision"to recover, revive and revitalize our culture". Niijii represents the only independent public media for our region, serving over 29,000 people. Our mission is to provide independent news and information for an independent nation that promotes social, environmental, and economic justice. We play music from the Anishinaabe community, host Ojibwe language programming, and provide indigenous news programs while allowing the beauty of our community to be broadcast on the air waves. 

As a independent community radio station our volunteers our the heart of KKWE Nijjii radio, providing professional skills, time, energy and personal commitment to all facets of KKWE's operation. There are two things that differentiate traditional community radio from public radio - our community access and our volunteers. At KKWE volunteers are the lifeblood of our organization. Volunteers participate  in every aspect of KKWE's operations and we would not be what we are without them! 

The White Earth Land Recovery Project (WELRP) is a federal 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization and currently holds the license of NIIJII Broadcasting. WELRP  founded in 1989nis a multi issue, non-profit, Native American organization based on the White Earth Indian Reservation in Callaway MN. We have emerged over the past two years as a formal organization with the Anishinaabe community advisory board. We have a simple but elegant studio. Our station serves the White Earth reservation and surrounding communities. We also stream live from the internet for the benefit of all.