Lets Speak Ojibwa Together 

13.5 Prefix/ Sufix combination

13.4 Present tense/ Pat tense

13.3 You/ Me /Him / Her

13.2 Introducing yourself

13.1 Questions to ask someone when you meet them for the first time

12.5 You/ I all don’t vistit

12.4 You/ I all drive home

12.3 You/ I all don’t go

12.2 You/ I all don’t speak

12.1 Prefix/ Sufix to do something

11.5 He/ She/ I/ You  am not going to visit

11.4 He/ She/ I/ You is not driving home

11.3 He/ She/ I/ You are not going

11.2 He/ She/ I/ You are not speaking

11.1 Its not happening

10.5 He/ She/ I/ You were visiting

10.4 He/ She/ I/ You drove home

10.3 He/ She/ I/ You went

10.2He/ She/ I/ You spoke

10.1 Gii Past tense

9.5 He/She/I / You will visit

9.4 He/She/I will will drive home

9.3 He/ She/ I will go

9.2 He/ She/ I will speak

9.1 “Wii” Prefix (Future Tense)

8.5 He/She gets up, you get up

8.4 He/She is leaving, you leave

8.3 He/She is saying, you say it

8.2 He/She is sitting, you sit

8.1 Command form

7.5 Do you see?

7.4 Are you eating?

7.3 Are you running?

7.2 Are you going?

7.1 “Na”, “ina” asking a question

6.5 He/She is working, I am working, you are working

6.4 He/She is eating, I am eating, you are eating

6.3 He/She is running, I am running, you are running

6.2 He/She is going, I am going, you are going

6.1 Me, You, Him or Her

5.5 Over there is North

5.4 Over there is west

5.3 Over there is south

5.2 Over there is east

5.1 What direction is over there?

4.5 I’m sad

4.4 I’m sick

4.3 I’m Tired

4.2 I’m Happy

4.1 How are you

3.5 Week wrap up

3.4 I was sleeping

3.3 I’m walking around

3.2 Mmm, Nothing

3.1 What are you doing

2.5 Week wrap up

2.4 I live in the village of White Earth

2.3 Where do you live

2.2 I am from

2.1 Where are you from

1.5 Week wrap up

1.4 The Eagle is my Clan

1.3 Who is your Clan

1.2 My name is ( is my name)

1.1 What is your name