NIIJII/KKWE in the Community

Here at KKWE 89.9fm Niijii Radio we believe in our Community.

What is a COMMUNITY?

noun: community; plural noun: communities

  • a group of people living in the same place or having a particular characteristic in common.
    synonyms:group, body, set, circle, clique, faction; More
    informalgang, bunch
    “concerns in the immigrant community”
  • a group of people living together in one place, especially one practicing common ownership.
    “a community of nuns”
    synonyms:brotherhood, sisterhood, fraternity, sorority, sodality; More
    “a monastic community”
  • a particular area or place considered together with its inhabitants.
    “a rural community”
    synonyms:district, region, zone, area, locality, locale, neighborhood; More
    informalneck of the woods, hood
    “a suburban community”
  • a body of nations or states unified by common interests.
    “the European Community”
  • the people of a district or country considered collectively, especially in the context of social values and responsibilities; society.
  • a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals.

The Goals of Niijii Broadcasting:

1. To be a resource of local, regional, and world news.
2. To bring educational information to our listeners in form of locally created programming, and airing nationally and syndicated programs.
3. To assure that arts, history, and culture thrive in and throughout our listening community.
4. To bring a balanced voice to our community to foster the elements of justice.